Our group works on a variety of research topics:

  • Solar Nebula: dynamics (viscosity, turbulence, …), thermodynamics (condensation of ices and refractory materials)
  • Comets (origin, morphology and evolution)
  • Asteroids and TNOs (spectroscopy, photometry)
  • Satellites of giant planets (origin and evolution)
  • Exoplanets (detection, observation, characterization, modeling)
  • Volatiles on Mars and icy bodies
  • Planetary geophysics (paleomagnetism of astromaterials, crustal magnetism, dynamo modeling)
  • Meteoritics
  • Flux of astromaterials to the Earth (composition, intensity and their variations with time)
  • Impact craters (deep structure of terrestrial craters, crater detection on planetary surfaces)

Using complementary approaches:

  • Theory
  • Observation from the Earth
  • Space missions (Rosetta, Juice, Bepi-Colombo)
  • Laboratory analyses
  • Field campaigns